Client services: Work with me

My work diary is busy but I am available for project work, commissions and proposals on a case-by-case basis, so, please feel free to reach out.

Indeed, I am committed to using my media experience to help businesses and companies, as well as individuals.

These are just some of the areas I specialise in

Bespoke Social Media Management: Through my extensive social media experience and knowledge, I can help you grow followings, engagement and your overall profile by creating great content across all channels such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

I also focus on short and long-term social strategy development and planning, day-to-day management of platforms, live content and the monitoring of analytics, metrics and trends across the ever-changing social landscape.

Building on the core ethos of what my client is looking for, I aim to ensure their social media is in tune with and crucially championing their identity.

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Digital Journalism: The media industry has a new look on a daily basis and whilst it is very important to keep up to date, there is still room for traditional journalism whether that’s online or print storytelling. I remain passionate about finding and showcasing content in the best possible way.

I am an experienced campaigner when it comes to digital journalism, having previously built, run and managed news and sports websites. From SEO to metadata to rich media, my strong editorial judgement and knowledge can be an asset to your team.

Press Office and Media Management: I know how journalists operate and the importance of working closely with media to create great coverage and build long-standing trust. From issuing press statements to coordinating campaigns and organising interviews, I have lots of experience of working on both sides of the fence and managing demands and expectations from both a journalistic and press office perspective.

Copywriting: I provide concise, direct and personalised written content for multiple marketing channels (internal and external); keeping style in line with important brand and business values. I believe in the power of storytelling and crafting material to stand out and make people sit up and take notice.

This leads me on to Content Strategy, which is often an underrated area. However, it shouldn’t be. Cultivating and creating quality messaging and content stems from editorial planning, research and underpins all successful digital activity.

I am also able to help my clients make day-to-day contact with targeted media and key stakeholders; pitch original story ideas and generate new and memorable content in-house.

Video and social-led campaigns can really drive engagement and help organisations create a buzz and hype about their product or services.

On top of this, I use reports and op-eds to monitor progress, along with email drives and newsletters. Social media interaction and quick response rate are also crucial to track users’ feedback and collect more data footprints.

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Video Production: As an experienced video journalist, I can be at your service to script, film and edit short and long-form packages for websites and social channels. I have a passion for video and believe in its value to inspire and motivate.

Visuals can also open dialogue with advertising and commercial teams, and in the process, open doors when it comes to monetising content.

Sports Writing: With a comprehensive and varied background in sports journalism, I cover a range of sports and can deliver digital articles, features and interviews for various multimedia platforms. I am a trusted and safe pair of hands when it comes to covering live events or interviewing high-profile personnel.

Media Lecturing: I regularly lecture journalism students at Sixth-Form and University level; and focus on the changing nature of the industry, the rise of social and digital content and how newly-trained journalists should embrace all forms of new media.