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WinNaturally owners, Julie Neville and her husband, Premier League footballer and Everton Football Club captain Phil Neville launched their unique natural and organic health foods and products in Oxford Street’s Selfridges store, London on Sunday 13th January 2013.

Created through the drive and ambition of qualified nutritionist, Julie, WinNaturally helps people to think about which foods and drinks they consume and eat healthily. WinNaturally’s products range from supplements to sports boosts to natural beauty creams and lotions.

Julie and Phil offered nutritional advice, hints and tips on the day to each and every customer in store as part of Selfridges’ ‘Food for Thought’ activity.

Visit the WinNaturally website to find out more about the business, research products you can purchase and how you can contact Julie or members of her team to ask questions. WinNaturally can also be followed on Twitter.

Journalist Stuart Appleby asked Julie a few questions about WinNaturally at the Selfridges launch…

Q) Julie, WinNaturally has been a long time in the making, but to see your products in Selfridges stores in Manchester and London must be very rewarding?

“For me WinNaturally has been a dream for six years. A couple of years ago the website launched and it’s always been my ambition for the business to be on the high street. My mother, for example, has to ring me to place an order for her – so it does make it easier to have products available in store. We wanted to get the products on the high street and when we spoke to Selfridges, it was a perfect fit for their ‘Food for Thought’ campaign – which makes people think about the food that they are putting into their bodies.”

Q) There’s a lot of interest in your products and WinNaturally has nutritionists onboard to help customers…

“We’re so excited to see everything out here in store and the great interest in our products. People have come to us with health conditions, ailments and lots of questions across the board really. Our staff are qualified nutritionally, so the idea is people can come into store; talk about their health conditions and then be helped in the right direction for products. They’re not expected to buy a product or know whether it’s going to work, so we help them and we found that that’s worked really, really well. I’ve worked every single day in the Manchester store and the feedback has been fantastic. My family’s favourite part of the whole WinNaturally experience is trying the products. We’re all about nutrition and good health, Phillip and the children do love trialling all the new products.”

Stuart interviewed Everton Football Club captain, Phil Neville at the business’s London Selfridges launch…

Q) Phil, it must be fantastic to see the hard work all come together and find WinNaturally products in store in Selfridges in London today. How did WinNaturally as a product and business first come about?

“It was my wife’s brainchild really, and to cut a long story short, when we had Isabella (Phil’s daughter), Julie and Isabella were ill for a long time afterwards and she decided not to take unnatural tablets and went totally natural to everything that she did.

“It got Julie back to full fitness and strength. Julie read about things, she learnt and then she thought that if it makes me feel this good it can make other people feel this good too. For two years she studied and found products that totally helped her. It has helped me as well and she decided to set up a business to explain her views, and that’s how it came about. To have WinNaturally in a store like Selfridges, it’s testament to Julie’s hard work really. I was like anyone else, a bit sceptical at the start. If someone puts chocolate in front of you you want it to be a Kit Kat or a Mars Bar, if it’s an energy drink you want a Lucozade because that’s the stereotype – that’s what people do but you realise that these products are just as nice and help you, and they’re better for you.”

Q) How have the products helped you and how has a footballer’s diet changed since you first started in the game compared to how it is today?

“It’s kept me lean, I’m 36 and I’m still playing football and a lot of that is down to the change in my diet. It’s like night and day really. For my first game at Old Trafford for the youth team, the pre-match meal was fish and chips and mushy peas. If I had that now the sports scientists would probably fine me a week’s wage! Now it’s come full circle and the thing I’d say is is that I feel better now than I did when I was younger.”

Q) Are players today more aware of how important it is to look after their bodies and how having a supreme diet/fitness regime can affect their performance?

“In terms of the impact of sports nutrition, you are talking about a one or two per cent gain in your performance. Diet is becoming more and more into sport and particularly as you get older; diet is so important to maintain your body shape and body weight. Football is so fast and athletic and intense now that every little percentage and marginal gain counts. For me diet is massively important; not just in football, but in professional sport (you’re made aware of how important it is to look after yourself).

“There’s a massive upturn in campaigns in magazines – there’s weight plans, there’s diet plans and fitness regimes – I think it’s the way football and life is going where people want to be healthier. 20 years ago people ate in a certain way and exercised in a certain way. Obviously now medicines come on so much and you can go on longer now by looking after yourself, it’s great.”

Q) And just a final point Phil, you’ve said recently that it’s your aspiration to play on for another two to three years, is that very much your target?

“It’s always been my aspiration to play as long as I possibly can. I love playing for Everton at the moment, I’ve got four to five months left on my contract and the aim is to play on next season and to do that I’ve got to maintain fitness and form. To do that I’ve got to do the little things like dieting, fitness and work at it. I see Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes both still playing and they’re two years above me and it gives me inspiration.”

Listen to the audio version of Stuart’s interview with Phil Neville below:

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