Boris Johnson Interview

Podium reporter Stuart Appleby interviews London’s charismatic Mayor Boris Johnson as he joined in the Olympic Torch celebrations and welcomed the famous flame to Middlesex University’s campus on Wednesday 25th July 2012.

Stuart Appleby interviews Mayor of London Boris Johnson (Image courtesy of Yicao Xu)

Mayor of London praises ‘wonderful’ role of students in London 2012

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has singled out the contribution of students to the London 2012 Games and praised the “wonderful” job thousands of students have done to get involved.

London’s charismatic Mayor welcomed the Olympic Torch to Middlesex University’s campus on Wednesday and joined in with the celebrations, along with hundreds of students and local people.

The 48-year-old paid tribute to students’ impact on ‘the biggest show on earth’: “They’ve done a wonderful job for us. Thousands of students from all over London and all over Great Britain have taken part in the spirit of the Games and clearly many of our greatest athletes are still doing their studies.”

The Conservative politician and former journalist said the Games would be difficult to put on as a spectacle without the invaluable input of students and a range of volunteers across various workforce areas.

“We’re grateful for what students have been doing. I’ve talked to loads of them who are on their holidays or taking a break from their studies, but they’re here to do this (see the Olympic Torch visit and get involved at the Games). It’s fantastic to see it.”

As part of the Games, London House at City Hall will host a series of flagship debates with the world’s leading thinkers contributing to developing London’s future vision as a smart, successful and inclusive city.

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